PTSD a new frontier

After reading some comments and seeing how PTSD works , I want to go more in depth to blog not only about our military but everyone that suffers from it. Just as military has increased in suicide rates many a times because they did not get help and suffer from PTSD or TBI, I want to do more research and share my findings on how to help anyone with PTSD and their loved ones. My May episode made me realize I too need help and I cant help others until I go through it myself first hand. Its really hard for me to say that or come to terms with it but its true. I still hold so much anger because of my accident and i know I need help.
I hope i can bring some useful information to anyone that needs it.


I DONT have a problem!

PTSD and TBI have become one of my passions to volunteer my time to help bring more awareness about. Many of our returning service members have been diagnosed with PTSD. However, some haven't met the criteria to be officially diagnosed.
How can we help those that need help when they are not properly diagnosed?
How can we approach them to seek help?
For the most part, it will take a long time or a lot of effort for them to realize they need help. Our job is to fight for them.
Now, Im really putting myself out there with the following short testament of my unofficial PTSD. Yes, you heard right, not only ami dealing with fighting to help my husband who could potentially have PTSD, but I myself may have had it,or possible have it.
In 2003, i was still in HS, when I was involved in a car accident that took the lives of two friends and left another one in a coma for over a year. My injuries were minor, and by that i mean no broken bones, just a nice stay in the ICU and long term or for life back problems. I have been very open to talk about it since maybe about 4 months after it happened. Thats not my problem. My problem is figuring out my triggers. I had a breakdown this past May. I thought after all this time I was coping just fine. Moving on with my life , getting married, having a beautiful child, being a professional. My life was almost near perfect. That one May Sunday I found myself having a crisis, because I still believe its my fault it happened. By the way, it wasn't our fault. There were some people in trucks drinking and driving that caused our accident. I still blame myself for what happened though I had no control. After talking to my husband and parents which had to be called, they helped me understand YET AGAIN that its not in fact my fault. I understand that I do. Right now I do. WHat happens though when the triggers come again? By the way I dont really know what triggered my crisis that day yet.
Now, im not making this about me, im just sharing because if this is PTSD, then I want to be able to understand those that need the help. More needs to be done to bring awareness of PTSD and TBI. I miself keep going over the signs and I dont think I have a problem though i have my bad days. I think my husband could potentially have PTSD but I still dont know how to go about it. The more we read, and talk to others the more we can understand the subject and maybe even the person.
As soon as I know more ill pass on the info. For now, remember, even if we dont know how and what to do, we can start by learning. For the most part our loved ones the want the help. Till this day I have not received the proper counseling to deal with my trauma, though the doctor before discharging me HIGHLY suggested I needed help. But who needs help when your not crazy.
And there it is , maybe but a glimpse of what they possibly go through. Are you in my shoes? Is a loved one in potential risk of having PTSD? It all starts by reading and researching, and NEVER loose hope!

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Massage and PTSD?

Have you ever sat there in front of the computer browsing through spas and dreaming of that opportunity to get a massage and relax, forgetting everyday's worries? Have you ever though its actually a bit expensive or just pressing on your budget? How about massage being something only for luxury?
Ah my friends, this is where I come in to indulge you in some knowledge. No massage is not only to relax and pamper yourself, though yes, that sounds amazing right about now. Massage therapy is considered an alternative to medicine with its own set of benefits.
Massage helps the body through the circulatory and lymph systems, the skin, joints, muscles, even your mood!
Now with that in mind, you must now wonder how is it possible for massage to help with PTSD.
Massage therapy on people suffering PTSD helps by : reducing stress, relieving anxiety and helps with depression. If done properly and approached the person dealing with PTSD in a cautious manner, massage therapy can be quite beneficial for them. Please keep following as I continue to blog on massage therapy and PTSD.


Unofficial PTSD

The first time I ever heard PTSD was after my car accident in 2003. I had survived, while two friends had died instantly, and one other remained in a coma for about two years. The doctor had suggested that once I was discharged from the hospital I should seek help, counseling. I thought; why? I am not crazy....
Flash forward about 7 years later. I am married to a Marine Veteran and since we started dating I have heard about PTSD in the military. I think my drive to learn more and to help others learn more of PTSD is because I think i have gone through it and I now realize its quite possible that my husband has PTSD.
However, what happens when a person is not "officially" diagnosed with it? How do you get help when you don't know its PTSD?
How do families deal? How do service members or anyone with PTSD manage?
My husband was told he had a slight case of PTSD upon his last tour in Iraq. However, this was not an official diagnose. Hence, there is no treatment for him.
I think that as a family member or friend of anyone with PTSD, it is our DUTY to help them out. I have come to a very clear conclusion that you cannot make them seek help, because it is still hard for them to even realize they have it and part of PTSD will keep them from seeking help. Now I say its our duty, because if we don't act for them, we may lose them to this silent killer. We need seek help and learn more about the symptoms, where to get help, and how to help them navigate through life with PTSD. They may realize they need help, but even at that, they may not actually seek help. I think more needs to be done to raise awareness for PTSD especially with people that have not been officially diagnosed. Their PTSD may be already the one factor keeping them from being diagnosed and getting the proper help.
I HIGHLY recommend, visiting www.familyofavet.com for help. Today, right now, is the time to search for help. Recently I have been hearing more and more of vets going missing, or even dying. They did not receive the help they needed. We need to act now, not wait until we have lost our loved one to this silent killer.
I encourage you to seek help today.


Can I borrow a second?

WOW! So I had planned on taking the weekend off from blogging to spend time with my family, but here we are on Wednesday night and barely being able to sit on my computer to get something done. Mind you its past midnight.
Anyway family members have been sick here and there, and Im really trying to get on board and working with FamilyOfAVet(FOV) and VoiceOfWarriors (VOW).
Also i need to post the link about helping block off Westboro Baptist Church members from protesting at a military funeral this coming monday. I shall do that tomorrow when i have more sleep and time on me.
Hope all is well with you reader and your families.
God bless and lets get some shut eye!



Hi friends,
Thank God Its Friday, though its almost over. South Texas has indeed entered full bloom summer! Golly, its too hot!
Anyway, so I have been thinking what it is that I want to achieve with this blog, and to be honest, the more and more I think about it, the more it points to focusing a great deal on PTSD. To me, it seems like PTSD is like foreign unknown land. Education, has to be the priority of PTSD. I will be working on the part of my blog to add all kinds of information on PTSD, and how to help our veterans and their families that are dealing with this. Its a great burden to my heart and i feel the need to spread the word about it. PTSD is basically the silent killer of war. It can kill marriages, relationships, and most horribly the person suffering from it. Please email me with information on PTSD if you would like to help. I may not have all the resources now, but I think its my new endeavor to help educate others about it, and mostly help the veterans suffering with it.
On that note, remember its friday! Have you heard of Red Fridays? If you have, awesome. For those of you that don't know, its like a unity call to wear red in support of our troops. If you can wear red, or/& remember to say "Thank You" to a service member or a veteran. Sure Memorial Day passed, but remember, some of our veterans were blessed to return home to their loved ones. Some are struggling because they made it back. Let a veteran know, their sacrifice served its purpose.
I leave you with this:
My husband always remembers how they did not receive a warm welcome at the airport when we was first deployed to Iraq back in 2003. He always speaks of the feeling like America did not support them. We have the power to change that.
Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy your weekend.
Till next time,